Wes Anderson releases new Prada short ‘Castello Cavalcanti’

Thank cuss for Wes Anderson. The indie auteur has just debuted a short film for Prada called Castello Cavalcanti, and it’s every bit as charming and quirky as you would expect.

Long-time Anderson collaborator Jason Schwartzman stars as an American racing driver who crashes in a small Italian town circa 1955, accidentally killing a bunch of chickens and consequently bonding with the locals – with whom he discovers an unexpected family connection.

Apart from the brand name on the back of Schwartzman’s jacket, this isn’t strictly an advertising film for Prada – it’s straight-up Wes, complete with family issues, bursts of humour, and that unmistakable dollhouse staging. And just as Schwartzman’s character meets his “ancestors”, Anderson also pays homage to his cinematic forebears – specifically Federico Fellini and Alberto Cavalcanti.

Schwartzman will reteam with Anderson in the upcoming The Grand Budapest Hotel, along with one of the most overwhelming ensemble casts since (insert favourite Wes Anderson movie here). 

via Cinema Blend

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