Wear your #whitepeopleproblems


Lily Allen once sang ‘it’s hard out here for a bitch’, but what she really meant was for a white person. It’s a tough life you know, having to choose between which of the five green smoothies you’re going to drink first or which Instagram filter to use to improve your average photography skills. I’m kidding, I’m not that privileged.

But earlier this week, Rap Shirts for White People (self-explanatory right?) released a new line of t-shirts that clearly outline this white privilege. It depicts the clear struggles of the white person via the lyrics of some of the biggest rap gurus ever to exist.

For approximately $30 you too can look like the wittiest person/biggest douche on the planet, all depending on which t-shirt you buy. I mean ‘started from the top’, a tad bit genius.







Get yo shirts here.


A PR graduate who is constantly dreaming of bigger and better things, including a world where well dressed women are the leaders, that the beauty of words are appreciated and Adelaide is put on the cultural map.

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