It’s not long until the Apple Watch hits shelves, and I can’t help but wonder – does this mark the start of the slow demise of good old fashioned analogue wrist watches? I’m sincerely hoping not, because I’ve been a dedicated watch wearer for about a year now, to the point where I instinctively check my wrist for the time, not my iPhone.

I’ve always thought watches to be a sign of sophistication and professionalism, and they come in so many different shapes and sizes there’s something to suit everyone. One thing I like as well is that watches are one of the few fashion items that can be unisex; there are some gorgeous watches out there that both men and women can wear without being reduced to the items sexuality.


I have a Marc Jacobs watch that I was recently accused of being a ‘basic bitch’ for having. I say whatever, because while it is a brand that has gone from high fashion ranks to a more commercial standing, Marcy Marc still makes beautiful watches. There is a huge range of men’s, women’s and unisex watches that you can buy from a variety of outlets. My recommendation is to go somewhere like which does designer watches – like Marc Jacobs – at a fairly discounted price. The prices are still substantial, but they will most definitely last you. It’s also a great idea to get one now considering Marc By Marc Jacobs – the diffusion line that makes most of the affordable designer watches – is being discontinued.


Melbourne based company Uncle Jack makes absolutely kickass watches. They’re a new kid on the block, so don’t be surprised if their stock is often sold out on the website. These time-pieces are worth the wait though – simple designs that are effective and sophisticated. The watches come in black, white, or tan designs and are a super affordable price. Stock’s coming in soon, so get one here..


My Watch Shopping List continues to grow with another brand on timepiece making its mark – The Horse. Wonderfully simple, sophisticated and unisex watches in a beautiful scheme of neutrals. The Horse also does some other amazing leather accessories. At just $130, how can you not? Check out the range…



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