Valve Trademarks Half-Life 3


First of all, calm down, don’t get too excited. This is not the announcement you’ve long awaited.

Second, get a little bit excited, because it’s still pretty much good news.

As the headline states, yes, Valve has filed a trademark for a product described as ‘computer game software’ under the title of Half-Life 3.

The news (via NeoGaf) is exciting, to say the least, but should hardly be considered definite, as Valve are yet to comment.

The Half-Life brand has been long dormant; it’s last installment - Half Life 2: Episode Two - came out over six years ago.

If you’re not already a fan of the series then you’re probably not reading this, though if you are reading this, then do yourself an enormous favor and download a copy of The Orange Box, which includes Half-Life 2, and it’s subsequent two episodic installments. Thank me later, and then join me and the rest of the gaming community in our raging lust for Half-Life 3.

Image Source: Half Life Wikia

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