TV Deaths that would cause riots


We all have our favourite TV characters that we feel that special, albeit kind of weird connection with. But when TV gods even begin to threaten their fictional livelihoods, we cast our ferocious wrath down on them should they ever consider killing them off.

Those characters that weasel their way in to our TV loving hearts, the ones we tune in to see every episode, the ones we love far too much, they are the ones whose deaths would send us in to an unimaginable spiral of destruction.

Now don’t try and tell me you haven’t felt this way about at least one character in your personal TV show catalogue, there has to be one. Perhaps one on a show you are watching right now.

On the list of current shows gluing us to the TV screen or laptop if you will, there are quite a few standouts on the riot list. The riot list is a set of characters who in finding their TV death would cause an all out, fist swinging, window smashing, liquor store looting riot.

Here are a just a few of our favourites:

Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead


Now Daryl is not only the brooding crossbow toting badass, but he is a day one survivor and has earned a place in our zombie loving hearts. Daryl is heroic but not in the dang-it-I-have-to-be-Rick kind of way, but in an I-love-me-some-walker-killin’   and he don’t care who knows it kind of way. Daryl, and Norman Reedus, himself has fast become an almost unanimous fan-favourite, even winning over fans of the comics (from which he is absent), with viewers already vowing riots, should he find himself on the other end of some walker killing.


Tyrion Lannister & Danearys Targaryen - Game of Thrones


This royal blooded imp has been the comic relief in the gory GoT story, which has been a saving grace to those too ashamed to admit they love the blood and guts. But in a show built on killing off the biggest of characters when we least expect it, Tyrion and his quick wit have become a little nugget of solidarity against the incestuous ruling class that has all but disowned him.


Now Danearys on the other hand, is hated by some, but loved by most. Even those who hate her will forget that temporarily when she saves an entire race of people or walks out of a fire with skin and hair still attached whilst sporting a pair of new baby dragons. After the Starks were split up, Danearys is the only one left we really want to cheer for. Should she die before she sits her dragon-totting butt on the Iron Throne, well, let’s just say the winter will certainly come then.


Suzanne ‘Crazy Eyes’ Warren - Orange Is The New Black


Before you met her, the Sun was like a yellow grape, but now Crazy Eyes has become a staple in our Orange diet. She stole our hearts the moment she called Piper Dandelion and peed on the floor – don’t you deny it. Her kooky antics are way out of left field and we have loved every second of it. Crazy Eyes did run off the rails a little somewhere in the middle of the last season but she came back to us with her ‘We’ve got manners, we’re polite!’ interrogation poem. Like a Chocolate-Vanilla swir-l swir-l she has us hooked.


Jim Gordon (or any character) - Gotham



Despite his lack of charm for the most part, Jim Gordon’s death would undoubtedly cause a riot, but a riot of comic book rage. The plausibility and continuity of the DC Universe would crumble under the pressure of the die-hard fans fury should almost any of the characters of Gotham be killed off prematurely. So even though it wouldn’t be riot built on pure character love, it would be a riot fuelled by a much more powerful force – the nerd force – may it be with you all.


Yes, all good things must come to an end and death is generally inevitable, but in the world of TV these so-called endings will come but death is far from inevitable.

Ok, but what do you mean? What I mean is this; our shows will draw to a hopefully gracious end, but our favourite characters, if well protected may never have to die. They can live on forever, swirling in the pleasant abyss that is series finale afterlife. We never have to grieve for them, writers won’t be subjected to our passionate fury and we can imagine their lives as ignorantly as we wish.

So to all those writers out there who might be thinking of shaking things up a little – don’t! We love these characters, some even more than our own family members. But be warned, we will revolt because we just can’t even…

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