Trend To Try: Nikes


I’ve been living in the UK just over 3 weeks now and a certain fashion trend has become particularly apparent. The shoe of choice for much of the young adult population is the sneaker/runner/trainer, whatever you like to call it; in particular Nikes.

That’s right, if you want to be looking cool day or night, you put on your finest kicks and hit the town. I know what you’re picturing, something dangerously close to a sneans look? But it actually works, and it’s also a really comfortable way to get around! While they’ve been a staple fashion item in many wardrobes for decades, this has traditionally been confined to the closets of sport and hip-hop lovers. Now girls are wearing them to town with some cuffed jeans or short shorts and a crop top, and guys are pairing them with chinos.


The Nike Air Runner has become super popular in the past couple of years, and a trip to the gym is never without a sighting of a pair of fluro yellow Nikes. The modest white sneaker is out, and every other colour of the rainbow is in. Even the all black runners look pretty damn cool. While Nikes are not at all a new thing, they’ve only in the last couple of years made their way into the world of high fashion. Big name designers are incorporating sneakers into their collections with their own individual twists. Kanye West began collaborating with Nike years ago on his ‘Air Yeezy’ design, but has only just over the weekend released the Air Yeezy ‘Red October’ Sneakers to the public. You may have seen Yeezus wearing them himself. The $245USD creations sold out in 10 minutes, and are now being re-sold on Ebay at around the $10,000 mark.

One person is trying to sell his for 10 Million pounds, about AUD$16 million. Hey, they are pretty spectacular shoes.

airyeezy yeezus

I’m sure you would have also seen the surprising swap of stilettos for sneakers in this year’s Chanel haute couture show in Paris. Along with the gorgeous gowns models bounced around in Chanel running shoes, which were themselves works of laced, pearl-encrusted, python-fabric art. At first they looked a little like those women that walk to work in sneakers and change into heels, but after a while it just seemed to work. Lagerfeld made his point; sneakers are in.

nike nikechanel


There are thousands of Nike designs out there for every taste there is, so I’d suggest any Australian readers should get on this trend before it hits your shores. It’s not just Nikes by the way; Converse, Vans, New Balance, or any other type of trainer does the trick. Whether you’ll wear them for a run or a night out you’ll be winning with a perfect combination of fashion and comfort.

Don’t be afraid- just do it…

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