Trailer: The Purge: Anarchy

It’s been less than a year since James DeMonaco’s sci-fi/thriller The Purge was in theatres but the writer/director has wasted no time getting to work on the follow up, and second installment in the new franchise. In the spirit of this not-time-wasting a trailer for the currently still filming The Purge: Anarchy has just dropped.

Although the central concept is the same (once a year for twelve hours all crime is legal) It would seem that DeMonaco is taking this film in a very different direction this time out, opting to explore the wider world during this years purge, rather than limiting himself to only one home and neighbourhood.


If you are familiar with the first film you could be forgiven, upon watching this trailer, for assuming that the studios have taken over and brought in a new creative team. The trailer kicks off with a bubbly indie-pop tune, the cast is significantly younger and typically attractive, and the villains of the piece while still masked, are decidedly less creepy. It really seems like you’re comparing the tension of Saw to any of the other film in that franchise.

That being said though, a look into what happens when you’re caught outside during the purge is sure to be intriguing as this not-too-distant future world is easily the most interesting thing about the franchise, and if the original film is anything to go by, it’s fair to say we can trust DeMonaco to keep us entertained.



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