TRAILER: Suits Season 3

“This has really got my juices going!” We couldn’t agree more, Louis. A snappy new trailer has landed for the third season of Suits, which is poised to return from its mid-season break. The trailer may wax black-and-white, but the treacherous world of Pearson Spectre is anything but.

When we left off, faux lawyer Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) confessed his secret to his long-time love Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle), and ended up with her anyway – but for how long? His fate appears to be in the fickle hands of Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman), who is closer than ever to discovering that Mike never went to Harvard. Is his shady past about to be Litt up once and for all?

Harvey Spectre (Gabriel Macht) may have his name on the wall, but that won’t keep him out of harm’s way. The trailer features Harv ranting about betrayal and hurling a guy (hopefully Tanner) into a mirror. Now that the Mike/Rachel deadlock has been broken, we might expect to see more emphasis on the seesawing relationship between Harvey and Donna (Sarah Rafferty). Whatever goes down, it’s it looks like it’ll be an intense chapter in a series that’s going from strength to strength.

So dry-clean your tux, get out your voice recorder and take note: Suits returns to air on March 6.

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