Trailer: Spectre

Trailer, Spectre trailer. They have been teasing us with Bond snippets for some time now, but finally they have launched a massive two and a half minutes on the very anxious public.

This trailer has all the classic Bond elements; wide angle cityscapes, resting Bond face, cocktails, Bond girls, explosions, that unmistakable Bond music, snow (yes, it comes up in a lot of Bond films) and of course an expensive car or two… or three and a heap of unbelievably complex gadget looking doo-dads.

It gives us everything we could want, well except for the story. We can understand that Spectre exists – the Special Executive of Counter Intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion – catchy, right? Spectre, in all its thankfully acronymically shortened glory, first appeared in Dr. No and has appeared in several Eon Productions Bond films since.

The 24th instalment in the James Bond franchise features the one and only Daniel Craig as 007 himself, the brilliant Christoph Waltz, the equally brilliant Ralph Fiennes and the newest additions to the Bond-girl list, Monica Bellucci. Lea Seydoux and Stephanie Sigman.

Director Sam Mendes is once again at the helm of this all-spying, all-exploding, gadget-filled extravaganza after success with Skyfall and his many other directorial credits including American Beauty, Road to Perdition and Jarhead.

The verdict on this one – looks as awesome as we expected. Bring on the Bond, James Bond; shaken not stirred.

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