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I feel like I should be honest – I’m not a huge Sandra Bulllock fan.  I get that she’s America’s Sweetheart, I get that she’s an Oscar winner, I get that she’s one of the few actresses who don’t have the paparazzi on speed dial – I appreciate all of these things, but I’m still mad at her for ruining Speed (her whimpering and shrieking almost ruined a Keanu Reeves movie for me and that is some serious business) and I’m cautious of any actress that would sign onto Miss Congeniality 2 – no matter the $$$.

In saying that, I did like the first Miss Congeniality, I will admit to watching The Proposal more than once and I LOVE Practical Magic… Okay, maybe I’m more of a Sandy B fan than I thought.  She’s not on my mental list of celebrity BFF’s yet, but I feel like she could make the cut at some point.

The trailer for Our Brand Is Crisis has dropped and I’m a little hesitant simply because Sandy B produced this film, and the last film she produced prior to this was All About Steve, which, well, earned her a Razzie.  But, flip side, Our Brand Is Crisis is also produced by George Clooney and Grant Heslov, so you can be rest assured that there aren’t any mullet wigs in here.. in front of the camera, at least.

Our Brand Is Crisis is based on the documentary of the same name about the use of American political strategies in South America and also stars Billy Bob Thornton (TV’s Fargo), Anthony Mackie (Captain America: The Winter Solider), Zoe Kazan (Ruby Sparks) and Joaquim de Almeida (Fast Five).  It looks like a dramedy, a little darker in places than an episode of The West Wing but with some pops of lighthearted fun to twist the film of out being settled into a certain genre.

With the ramping up of political candidates in the US and the looming election, it’ll be interesting to see if this film skews democratic, republican or makes mention of any of the real-life candidates and their publicity tactics (Trump?  Publicity?  No…).  What is clear about Our Brand Is Crisis are the stunning performances – keep an eye out for Sandra Bullock’s name come awards season.


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