Trailer: Jurassic World

You may have seen this already, but we know you’re going to watch it again. Jurassic World just got a whole lot more real with the release of this new dino-filled trailer.

The dinosaurs are back and bigger than ever in Jurassic World. The fourth instalment in the Jurassic Park franchise is set 22 years after the 1993 film and will see the park reopened – because that’s a good idea. Didn’t these people see what happened the last three times? Geez. While the previous events would serve as a learning curve, it seems there might still be some safety issues with Isla Nublar that need ironing out before you invite the world over for tea and dinosaurs.


In this trailer we get more of the reason we’re watching, the dinosaurs… and Chris Pratt, of course. The dinosaurs do their thing whilst Pratt has muscles and says funny things.

Die-hard fans will appreciate the renewed focus on the actual dinosaurs in this trailer and the story revelation that we had all been eager to see in motion. While reanimated dinosaurs seem like a big enough attraction, the money grabbing corporates behind Jurassic World decide their wallets need a little padding out. They become inventive in the lab, hence a bigger, meaner, more deadly monster is created. The genetically modified uber-dinosaur begins to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting tourists and all hell breaks loose. It’s a premise Jurassic Park fans know well but that won’t stop us from lining up to see it a few times over.

The Park is open June 2015.


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