Trailer: Before I Wake

If you like your horror with a side of plot, it seems the new Mike Flanagan film Before I Wake might be the answer.

Relativity has released the first trailer for the film originally labelled Somnia, Flanagan’s next offering after mini horror hit Oculus (starring rising Aussie star Brenton Thwaites) which many considered a character driven movie filled with genuine frights, earning it second place for Midnight Madness at the Toronto Film Festival.

This trailer tells the story of a young couple who lose their son, and adopt a young boy named Cody. Now I know what you’re thinking: creepy kid movies? It seems we have a surplus, with Orphan and Insidious to name a few. However this film has a twist: what the foster parents don’t know is that the newest addition to their family is afraid to fall asleep as he has the ability to manifest his dreams into frightening reality.

This is all good and well when his dreams lead to “amazing, beautiful things” like a swarm of technicolour butterflies fluttering around the house, and reincarnations of their dead son. However, his nightmares quickly turn their house from the Warbucks mansion to the House of horrors.

The movie looks to be steering clear of most of the horror clichés we have come to expect, so fingers crossed we get a scary flick we will remember long after the initial nightmares plaguing our sleep and the spilling of all our popcorn and soda.

The film stars Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns) and Thomas Jane (The Mist) as the parents-turned-detectives, and Jacob Tremblay as 8-year-old insomniac Cody.

Before I Wake is set to hit the US on the 8th of May, and is expected to reach Australian shores later this year.

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