Trailer: A Very Murray Christmas

Step aside Love Actually and Die Hard, there’s a new go-to Christmas movie in town. 
Bill fucking Murray – you have to say his full name – has gifted the world with his contribution to the silly season and is set to warm your cockles with his very own Christmas film, A Very Murray Christmas.
BM Christmas Card
Like everything that B.F.M does, A Very Murray Christmas looks 1 part seriousness, 1 part farce, 1 part musical and 1 part WTF, combining all of the makings for warm and fluffy Christmas vibes – singing, dancing and lots of booze – as well as Christmas sets with tons of glittery ornaments, a grand piano and fake snow to boot.
Featuring George Clooney (giving off some serious Dean Martin vibes), Miley Cyrus (ho ho ho), Rashida Jones, Amy Poehler, Michael Cera (remember him?), Jason Schwartzman (see: Michael Cera), Maya Rudolph, Chris Rock, Jenny Lewis, Paul Schaffer and Phoenix all playing themselves, The film centers around Bill Murray, playing an actor, whose live broadcast show looks set for doom when a blizzard rolls in, potentially delaying his guests.  

A Very Murray Christmas also reunites Murray with director Sofia Coppola, the two having previously worked together on Lost in Translation.  Coppola also co-wrote the film with Mitch Glazer.
A Very Murray Christmas is available to stream on Netflix from December 4th.

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