The Week In Trailers 22.11.13


Welcome to The Week in Trailers. This week, like many others before it, we haven’t seen an overload of excitement, but we do have that thing called variety which cannot be undervalued where quantity lacks. So, in a wrap, there’s (surprise!) a film adapted from a book adapted from a “reality”; your token foreign film, sure to be riddled with life lessons told in subtle, timeless ways; a love/war drama; and, finally, we finish with a little Japanese cinema perfection. There’s some other stuff in between, too, but whether or not it’s worth looking forward to is something I’m going to leave in your hands.

’til next week.

Heaven is For Real
Book -> movie, directed by Randall Wallace, about the “true” story of a young boy who endured a near-death experience (took a trip to heaven and back), and proceeded to simultaneously terrify and delight his family upon informing them that he met a bunch of long-deceased relatives. On reading that again, it sounds like a thriller but I think this one’s going to be more your standard tear-jerker. Starring the eternally stressed face of Greg Kinnear, alongside Kelly Reilly.

Cuban Fury
Directed by James Griffiths, the trailer for Cuban Fury probably could have pulled up 30 seconds before it actually did, but, that aside, it strikes as being exactly what it is: that is, an American-British office comedy with very average men attempting very odd things to woo a very pretty girl boss. Starring Rashida Jones, Nick Frost, Chris O’Dowd.

The Past
Something about the trailer for The Past wreaks of Jane Campion’s The Piano – and sure, it could be attributed to the intense string score – but there’s also the presence of a strong female lead, played by Bérénice Bejo, whom the trailer does not fail to praise. Directed by Asghar Farhadi.

Twice Born
Penelope Cruz and Emile Hirsch get it on (and more, I won’t lie) in this love story backgrounded by war. There will, inevitably, be a potentially painful twist and how the title plays into that, it’s hard to say yet. Directed by Sergio Castellitto.

This had potential, until Forest Whitaker‘s character went insane and declared he wanted Anthony Mackie‘s character to turn his frown upside down. Directed by Philippe Caland.

The Wind Rises
Hayao Miyazaki is supposedly retired, or retiring, but his stunning animated creations don’t appear to be slowing down. His latest offering has already been heralded as his best, and, unfortunately, the trailer does not do it justice, particularly if you’re unfamiliar with Miyazaki’s prior work. Nevertheless, if you don’t watch the trailer, it will undoubtedly be worth getting a hold of the feature when it’s released.

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