The Week in Trailers 20.12.13


Welcome to the final edition of The Week in Trailers before Christmas, which, by the way, you should consider a gift of sorts, because it’s jam-packed full of newness, and thrillers, and sci-fi, and Game of Thrones teasers (however small, in the HBO Yearender), and more thrillers, Simon Pegg in another weird role, and, honestly, the best stuff I’ve seen this year. It’s as if the better directors, writers, cinematographers, producers and the like intentionally waited until we were but a week out from Santa’s big day to get us film-drunk on the good stuff. So what do we say? Thanks Santa. Anyway, because there are so goddamn many trailers, I’ve opted to alter your reading:viewing ratio by using two-word descriptions for each trailer in lieu of the usual commentary. Any questions? No? Excellent.

- Merry Christmas, ’til next year!

The Legend of Hercules - the second official trailer

X-Files wannabe.

McDermott pork.

A Fantastic Fear of Everything
Laundry woes.

Incredible narration. (!!!!!)

White Bird in a Blizzard
Brunette SVU.

Curiosity issues.

For No Good Reason
Doco Depp.

3 Days to Kill
Costner killing.

Grand Piano
Steady fingers.

Welcome to Yesterday
Time travel

Rob the Mob
Not bad.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Caesar’s grumpy.

Sandler. Barrymore. Again.

Journey to the West
Asian magic.

22 Jump Street
Sequel LOLs.

HBO 2013 Yearender
Happy holidays.

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