The Week in Trailers 17.01.14


Welcome to Friday’s The Week in Trailers, where movies made in, produced by, or affiliated with the United States of America are given R ratings because there’s a boob, or a bit of cussing. In all seriousness, is not just a little off that films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre fit into the same rating category as Date and Switch, a semi-funny B-grader about a straight guy’s confusing coming of maturity? Otherwise, this week we have clown horror, Jude Law playing the ex-con, possibly still-con, and something genuinely intriguing directed by fellow named Arie Posen.


- ’til next week.


Clown If you have a fear of clowns DO NOT WATCH THIS, DO NOT. Oh my god.

The Face of Love
Woman’s husband dies, doppleganger pops up out of nowhere: potentially brilliant. Annette Bening and Ed Harris for the win. Directed by Arie Posin.

Walk of Shame
Here are probably all the good bits for the “R-rated” comedy starring Elizabeth Banks .

Date and Switch
Also apparently R-Rated, but I’m just not seeing it… yet. Directed by Chris Nelson.

Don Hemingway
Here’s the domestic trailer for Don Hemingway, starring Jude Law, that guy from the Spice World movie, the track star from Misfits, and Game of Thrones‘ Daenerys (aka Emilia Clarke). Cool! Directed by Richard Shepard.

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