The Week in Trailers 10.01.14


Welcome to 2014, and this year’s first The Week in Trailers, which this time around entails minimal, especially with regard to the English language. What’s meant is, the only new trailers released this week were for films released last year from non-English speaking nations that are only now making the rounds on the international circuit. Also, they don’t have subtitles, which makes things even more awkward. So let’s look at what we can understand: The Monkey King. Ha! Just kidding! It’s in Chinese!


- Happy new year, ’til next week.


Above Dark Waters
Directed by Finnish film veteran Peter Franzén, Above Dark Waters, or Tumman veden päällä as it is spelt in its native tongue, is about a little boy caught between fear and love. Or so it seems – I’m much better at deciphering these things when there are subtitles.

The Monkey King
Brought to you by Hong Kong-based director Pou-Soi Cheang is a film with a trailer that does not include an ounce of dialogue. That said, you do see the Monkey King repeatedly, and I’m slightly hesitant to say his face kind of resembles Clint Eastwood’s. Just freeze it at 0:11. You’ll see.

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