The Week in Trailers 08.11.13


Welcome to this week’s The Week In Trailers, where a whole lot of interesting stuff really just isn’t happening. I don’t mean to make it sound bad, but the talent this week consists of two types: the dull and the dreadful, with perhaps the only exclusions being a documentary and a vampire flick. You read that right. So in summary, there’s also cheerleaders, plenty of “true” stories, some war memoirs and an American prediction that China will inevitably enslave them, in some way. I’m outta here.


’til next week.


The Quiet Ones
“What is the supernatural?” Well, this trailer does absolutely nothing to answer that question, and the ending is fat let-down – not to mention it’s brought to us by the same people who did The Woman in Black (the slowest-moving thriller ever) so what does it all mean? Another average ghost flick? Probably.

Only Lovers Left Behind
The latest take on vampire mythology comes from none other than Jim Jarmusch, and stars two people who were, inevitably, going to play vampires at the some point in their respective careers: Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston. Mia Wasikowska plays Swinton’s character’s sister.

All Cheerleaders Die
If the title doesn’t give it all away, the trailer does: cheerleaders are vengeful – dead ones especially – and apparently there are people out there who still enjoy this genre. Directed by Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson (they’re both guys – surprise!)

Jamesy Boy
No doubt we’ll know in due time just how loosely this story is based on a reality, but in the meantime enjoy the pretty face of newcomer Spencer Lofranco and, for the third time in as many weeks, Taissa Farmiga. Directed by Trevor White.

The Truth About Emanuel
All I see is Effy losing her mind à la Skins again, even if Jessica Biel is also in this. Directed by Francesca Gregorini.

Dragon Day
Beware the low budget: Dragon Day is ridiculous in more ways than one, but one was enough to put me off ever seeing more than 2.26 minutes of this “film”.

Go For Sisters
In all honesty the Go For Sisters trailer is somewhat droll, but, fear not, for perhaps the full feature itself will offer more than what right now looks like three very average people undertaking a seemingly impossible task.

From Chilean director Sebastien Lelio we have Gloria, the trailer for which won’t immediately enthrall you (unless Spanish middle-aged dating is something you dig) but which is, seemingly, detached of the bullshit that would usually accompany a Hollywood rom-com. That’s always a good thing.

Documentary: Sweet Dreams
I never would have seen the relationship between drumming and ice cream before this trailer, and perhaps I still don’t, but I’ll have a better understanding of that, and Rwandan genocide, after seeing Lisa and Rob Fruchtman’s documentary.

California Scheming
With fantastic film-related technology becoming increasingly accessible, the line between good and bad quality movies is growing somewhat dimmed. Exhibit A: California Scheming. (My bet’s on bad.)

The Railway Man
Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgård and Hiroyuki Sanada are together in this film based, yet again, on a “true” story. Those doubts aside, this somehow strikes as a considerably more family friendly, reflective take on war, though that’s not say it will be. Directed by Jonathan Teplitzky.

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