The Week in Trailers 06.12.13


Welcome to the first December issue of The Week in Trailers


walking dead, scenes from second half of the season in february -

Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland, Lawless) and Adam Driver (HBO’s Girls) have somehow ended up together for Tracks, a film based on a true story (boy, am I over saying that) about a young woman who trekked nearly 2000 miles across Australian desert.

turn – amc spy thriller

trap for cinderella clip

Back in the Day
b-grade storyline, actors, music, you name it

In Secret
Thus far just about everything Elizabeth Olsen has touched has turned to gold; whether or not this will apply to In Secret remains unknown. That said, it appears we will finally have the opportunity to look at Tom Felton’s work outside of Harry Potter, and we might – for the first time – sympathize with his character, given the trailer reveals he dies (possibly very early on in the film). Directed by Charlie Stratton.

Beauty and the Beast

I'm listening to Roxy Music's 'Avalon' right now, and worrying how that might influence a self-written portrayal of myself. As a result, I'm keeping things simple: writer, reader, watcher, skeptic. I like questions more than answers. Too mysterious? I promise I don't listen to Roxy Music often.

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