The Ultimate 2013 Movie Mash-Up

Want to relive the best flicks of 2013?

You can test your memory of the year’s cinematic hits (read: show off your movie knowledge in front of your mates), as Tumblr user The Sleepy Skunk has released his annual movie mash up. There’s a frame by frame breakdown of the films here, if you want to get picky.

Including blockbusters like The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Great Gatsby and Thor, the as yet unreleased The Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle, and even controversial gems such as Spring Breakers (and all set to a bangin’ soundtrack from the likes of Santigold) it’s received the internet equivalent of a standing ovation from fans worldwide.

Gawker dubbed it an “incredible promo for the best film never made” and we think that’s pretty spot on. Directors – if you can work out a way to combine James Franco, super babe hammer wielding gods and the New York stock market, we will salute you. Yes Leo, cheers to that.

Test your skills now. NB: no responsibility taken for squabbles caused over identification.

Also, if music is more your jam, try this one.


Lucy Ahern isn’t great writing about herself. But third person makes everything much less pretentious, right? Lucy is a freelance writer, contributing to publications such as Attitude and Rip It Up, and is the deputy editor of fashion blog The Urban Silhouette. She loves Marieke Hardy, has a soft spot for bad puns (future warning), and will devour anything combining peanut butter and chocolate.

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