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Beauty boxes; what are they? Are they worth your money? Will you receive things you like? Can you cancel your subscription whenever you like or will they continue to take your precious, hard-earned dollars even if you want out? Beauty boxes have been around for a while now, but have recently been brought into the limelight with companies like Bellabox upping their advertising games.

So what is a beauty box? Basically, it’s a monthly subscription service that sends you around five-or-so skincare, cosmetic, haircare and other miscellaneous samples a month. These goodies come at a small fee starting at $15 and heading up from there depending on how much the service offers you. Most of these companies offer you a review-and-point system, where after receiving and trialling these samples, the customer can log on and post their review in exchange for points which are then converted to dollars to spend in their store. Sound like a pretty good deal right?

To give you a better idea of what’s involved in Beauty Boxes, here is a list of three popular companies that operate within Australia.


Arguably the most popular beauty box service in Australia, Bellabox offers its subscribers a minimum of five full-sized and trial-sized products delivered each month to your door for a measly $15 including postage. Packaged in a cute little blue box, this service has recently worked with brands like Burt’s Bees, John Freida, Beauty Shot, Aveda and Shanghai Suzy.

Each month is designed around a theme, with the last few months being American Beauty, Iconic Beauty and Travel Beauty. There are four payment options; you can pay month-by-month, or purchase a three, six or twelve month package. Also on offer is the Bellobox, for men, and Babybox. Bellabox offers a reviewing service too, where each month you can review the products you receive and get five points in return per product. 100 points will get you $10 to spend in the store, or put towards your next box. The last few months have seen a lot of complaining on the Bellabox Facebook page and Instragram in regards to late boxes, but for $15 a month, waiting a bit longer for your box shouldn’t really be much of an issue.


Violet Box
Violet Box is one of the newer boxes on the market and has grown rapidly in popularity due to the alternative brands sent to their subscribers. Some of these brands include Lush, MOR, So Susan and EVO. Coming in a modern white box for $16.50 + $6.45 postage, a little more than Bellabox but for a wider variety of products.

Violet Box also offer a rewards service, with fifty points promised for each review and a tonne of other ways to earn points that transfer to dollars in their store. This purple box can be yours as part of a once off buy or three, six or twelve month subscription. The money spent on each box is again exchanged into points to spend in their store, a trait unique to boxes in Australia.

Violet box have always been punctual and quick to fix any mistakes with their orders. The December box was meant to include the Jelly Pong Wide Awake Palette, but due to shipping difficulties it was not. An apology was made and two replacement products were included in each box, and the Jelly Pong Palette was included in the January box as a bonus. As you’re never sure what you’re going to get, having that constant guarantee of quality is an important aspect to have.

10554043_1516581055241074_1592866146_nViolet Box

Lust Have It
Lust Have It offer a beauty service slightly more catered to what you want. They offer a choice of three boxes; the Beauty Obsessed beauty box for $19.95 ($10 for your first time!), the Natural Beauty eco box for $29.95, and the Fashion Lover fashion and beauty box for $35. Lust Have It also offer a free magazine you can download which features the products used in their boxes to give you a better idea of how to use them and why they’re great products.

They also offer the same point service, which is simplified by giving you one point per dollar you spend, and the money spent on boxes counts too! You can pay monthly, or in bulk for six or twelve months and save money. However, the eco box is released quarterly rather than monthly, so the plans for that work a little differently. Rather than being sent in standard boxes like the first two services, Lust Have It is often sent in cute little beauty bags for you to reuse and keep all your products in.

891416_737518269640590_1378096697_nLust Have It

A quick hashtag search on Instagram using the services name will give you a peek at what was included in the last few months boxes if you’re still unsure which one suits you!

(Images sourced from: Bellabox, Adelaidian, Violet Box, Katedonna, Lust Have It!, Krystalwithdiamonds)

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