Finding yourself craving to discover new local talent? Well, if you haven’t already heard of The Byzantines, or as some like to call them, The Byzie’s, this talented and charismatic five-piece are a group you’re going to want to keep your eye on. Having just recently returned home from touring around Europe and the United Kingdom (and killed it over there, may I add), the emerging local force have spent the last month or so in the Twin Earth Studio with Alex Markwell from The Delta Riggs, Luke Godson from The Swiss and Dan Crannitch from Leader Cheetah (sweet, right?!).

The fellas say their new EP has a little more flavour and a hip-hop type feel to it, but are still bringing through that Britpop sound that they have always been going for from their first album. With their influences and inspirations coming from the likes of The Stone Roses, Gorillaz, Primal Scream and of course the lads from Kasabian and The Delta Riggs, the band can’t wait to release their new tracks.

Speaking with Johnny and Jose from the band, the boys say, We love Straya, it’s the best, but we feel as if our music genre suits the overseas crowd a little more, seeing as they dig Britpop. We’re hoping this new EP can tickle everyone’s fancy!

So, everyone, do yourselves a favour and get behind these guys – They won’t disappoint! Stay tuned for the release of The Byzantines brand spankin’ new EP on their Facebook page! –

Here’s a snippet of lead singer Mike and Alex Markwell in the studio…

Mike & Alex in the studio

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