The Best of VAMFF: The Bloggers


In the past few years, the world we live, work and play in has completely changed due to technology. The Fashion world has also been effected by these changes specifically when it comes to bloggers. Bloggers are the reason the rest of us can stay fashionable, stylish and up to date with the hottest brands and designers. We get to see how they would style the latest pieces and trends, without feeling like we’re world’s apart compared to celebrities.

Can’t make it to the VAMFF this year? Don’t worry – I’m sure your favourite bloggers will have a front row seat and an opinion to match. Keep a look out for local Australian bloggers who will be updating their blogs daily about the latest runway shows and trends – it’ll feel like you’re sitting right with them.

As part of the festival, Take 2 Markets will be hosting the Bloggers Banquet – a chance for fans to meet some of Melbourne’s leading fashion bloggers. Tickets are on sale here.

We suggest following all the VAMFF through these bloggers:

How Two Live / @howtolive


They All Hate Us / @theyallhateus


Spin Dizzy Fall / @emmalucey


Twice Blessed Bloggers / @twiceblessedbloggers


Friend in Fashion / @friendinfashion


K is for Kani / @kisforkani



A PR graduate who is constantly dreaming of bigger and better things, including a world where well dressed women are the leaders, that the beauty of words are appreciated and Adelaide is put on the cultural map.

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