Telltale’s Game of Thrones is Coming


So, for those of you who have been living under a rock, on mars, with your fingers wedged firmly in your ears; Telltale Games, the same minds behind The Walking Dead episodic games are releasing a Game of Thrones series in the same vein.

By the time this article is live the first episode should be out, at least on some platforms; according to a tweet from Telltale games last week, it is slated for rolling releases first on the PC and Mac on the second of December as well as on PS4 (at least for American gamers, PS4 owners elsewhere will have to wait until the 3rd ), the following day, Xbox One & 360 owners will have it available, and on December 4 it will be released on iOS before the PS3 finally gets a release on December 9.

The trailer dropped on the first of December reveals many familiar faces from the series, including Sansa, Tyrion, Cercei and the menacing Ramsey Snow; instigating many a re-watching of the latest season of Game of Thrones.  As a player, you will be experiencing the untold story of house Forrester, struggling to survive amidst the turmoil of the Lannister/Stark conflict.  All the original cast are present as voice talent and the game is wrought in the signature Telltale comic book art style; lending a unique twist on this expansion to the stories of Westeros.



Being told through five unique characters, the episodes promise to live up to the expansive universe revealed by the HBO series and novels; speculation abounds as to what settings and characters will be used in the tale, but from the trailer we can definitely see Kings Landing, The Wall and battles being fought in a snow-covered forest, assumedly somewhere in the frozen north.

House Bolton is featured heavily as well, and with the trajectory they’ve taken in the recent seasons, it’s pretty safe to assume that they will be one of the main antagonists; hopefully with Ramsey adding some twisted machinations of his own.

The episodes are slated to be released on a kind-of monthly basis, with the second episode most likely to be released within four to six weeks of the debut of episode one according to Telltale’s FAQ page.

This ambiguity of release dates is becoming part of the signature of Telltale and I, for one, am a massive fan of it.  With hype, pre-order deals and broken games being rushed out to meet release dates and subsequently patched becoming an entrenched part of triple-A gaming, it’s a nice change of pace for a games developer to say “it will be ready when it’s ready” and the subsequent nice surprises of “oh, it will be out next week”.  It’s the sign of a developer that actually cares about the product they’re making, rather than shaking as much money as possible out of the consumer as is becoming the depressing norm.

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