Sydney Symphony Orchestra To Play Your Favourite Game Music Scores Live


The Sydney Symphony Orchestra will once again bring game music scores to the stage at the Sydney Opera House this March. The performance titled, rePLAY: Symphony of Heroes is set to include music from Halo, The Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy, Journey and various other iconic game soundtracks.

As well as a full orchestra playing live, the production also sees a choir and game visuals included in the experience for ultimate immersion and homage to the music – all in surround sound. With music by celebrated composers Koji Kondo and Austin Wintory, this concert is perfect for games fans and music fanatics alike.

Not only were the games included in this production renowned for their gameplay and stories, but they were also acclaimed for their beautiful and epic music. The musical scores can really bring a game to the next level: think the Halo Battle Theme as you are surrounded by your fellow Spartans to change the course of the war, or the emotion triggered by the symphonies in Journey.

To purchase tickets head to the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s page, but for now here is a preview of what you can expect to hear:

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