Sofia Coppola to Direct Little Mermaid Remake

Sofia Coppola … 'It sounded like it had all the elements for a fun pop movie.'

Sofia Coppola is allegedly in talks with Universal to direct a live action remake of the classic Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, The Little Mermaid.


Writer Caroline Thompson (the mastermind behind Edward Scissorhands) has joined the team to re-work the script that was previously written by Fifty Shades of Grey’s Kelly Marcel.

Already a twisted web of talent, we can sense that this version of The Little Mermaid is likely to take a darker turn than that of its Disney predecessor with both Thompson and Coppola tending to focus on more adult themes.

Additionally we are hoping that Coppola’s penchant for portraying feminist angst comes out through a moody mermaid. (Highly likely considering the tragic end of the original fairy tale, where the Mermaid jumps to her death and murders her Prince Charming. It’s got Coppola written all over it.)

A little less Ariel a little more:


Fans have already expressed their picks for the role of The Little Mermaid, with Coppola’s longtime friend, Elle Fanning being the unanimous favourite.


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