Silent Hills is Dead, but del Toro and Kojima Still Want to Work Together


When it comes to video games Guillermo del Toro just can’t catch a break.

The cancellation of Silent Hills by Konami marks the third time acclaimed horror director del Toro has tried and failed to get a game off the ground. However, despite this setback, he is still intent on working on a game with Hideo Kojima.

In an interview with IGA del Toro stated, “I love working with Kojima-san. We are still in touch. We are still friends and working into doing something together, but that’s not going to be [Silent Hills].” The director claimed that the game had still been in the early planning stages when it had been abandoned, but was surprised by Konami’s “scorched earth approach.” Since the game’s cancellation in April, Kojima has removed P.T. from the PlayStation Store and has begun scrubbing Kojima’s name and the name of his studio, Kojima Productions, from their games without offering any explanation.

The fact that these two creative giants are still willing to work together after are very illusive fallout with Konami is a testament to the friendship that these two men share.

While we can only dream of what Silent Hills might have been, del Toro shared in the interview his ideas for the next instalment in the iconic horror series:

“We were talking about really pushing the boundaries of the new consoles, and making the game really mess with your head. One of the great moments in Metal Gear [Solid] was Psycho Mantis. The idea that a game can actually interact with you, and stuff like that.”

Sources: IGA

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