Should You Wait to get a next-gen console?


As the dawn of the next generation of consoles approaches, gamers everywhere are emptying their pockets and opening their hearts to either Microsoft’s Xbox One, or Sony’s Playstation 4. Are you amongst the many who excitedly await the launch, or are you more hesitant; are you willing to wait a little longer than necessary for your next-gen hardware fix? If you’re in the latter, then perhaps you’re making a good decision.

What’s the rush? Does your current Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 not perform it’s function? Buying a new console is a huge investment but not necessarily one you need to make right away.

I’m not a PC purist, nor am I a console fanatic. I play many gaming systems with equal appreciation and with that said, I do not believe the new consoles are a must have day one purchase. Here’s a few of the reasons why:

  • System upgrades/bug-squashing: think about the Xbox 360 launch. Much of the initial hardware will be brand new, untested by the masses. Microsoft undoubtedly tested the absolute heck out of the 360 before launching it and yet major issues such as the infamous Red Ringing still appeared after gamers got their hands on the device. If you buy your Xbox One/PS4 on day one then you’re gambling on the lasting quality of the hardware you paid so much for, and waited so long for.
  • Games: this point is two fold. One, there are plenty of great games to play on current systems. Have you tried Grand Theft Auto: Online yet? Two, plenty of the supposedly ‘next-gen’ games are also coming to current systems: Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Watch Dogs, Batman Arkham Origins, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 are all coming to Xbox 360/PS3 – do you really need that little $550-$600 graphics bump that the next-gen consoles will provide? Pssst, you could even play some of these games on your PC! Additionally, a few of these big games have been pushed back to 2014 anyway.
  • Futuristic features: I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be talking to or waving at my console to do things, that will make me feel silly. Nor do I want my console watching me while I play, that will make me feel spooked. And this voice control, what if my mum comes into the room and yells “XBOX OFF”?

If you’ve read everything out there and yet you’re still hell bent on picking up some next-gen hardware a.s.a.p. then I implore you to choose wisely. Here is a great site which compares the hardware options side by side without bias, let it aid your decision!

Hey, if you’re sick of all this console talk or if you don’t have a TV (you’re a weirdo) then check out something smaller. If you have a 3DS then grab a copy of Pokemon X and/or Y, or if you have a phone then download yourself Infinity Blade 3.


Hey, I'm Gabriel. Games are really cool, I like them a lot. My favourites are Assassin's Creed II, Bastion, Pokémon and so many more, wow. Words are also cool, so sometimes I like to write words about games.

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