Shenmue 3 Breaks Kickstarter Record


For many it was a dream come true. The final instalment in the Shenmue series was actually being made. It didn’t matter that it was being funded through Kickstarter. Fans were happy to open their wallets and give what they could to keep this dream alive.

And it worked, Shenmue 3 reached and then blew past its original funding goal of $2 million in nine hours, pulling in a total of $6.3 million dollars and becoming the most funded videogame on Kickstarter. This achievement is made even more impressive considering that the previous claimant to that record, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, achieved a record setting $5.45 million only a month earlier. However, unlike Shenmue, Bloodstained did not have the benefit of sharing a stage with Sony during E3 for the announcement of their Kickstarter.

The campaign ended shy of the $10 million dollar mark required by the creator, Yu Suzuki, to “truly have the features of an open world” and the amount of support being provided by Sony is still unclear at this point; therefore, the quality of the final product is still unsure. However, many view these massive crowdfunded games as a test of how viable the Kickstarter model is. If Shenmue and Bloodstained are received as success, you can bet they’ll be a lot more campaigns trailing after them.

Sources: PC Gamer

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