Over the weekend, Rihanna revealed both the covers she shot for Vogue Brasil as well as a racy teaser photo where she went topless. As of this morning, we’ve been treated to a steady stream of the all the risqué photos from the shoot.

Photographed in Rio de Janeiro by veteran fashion photographer, Mariano Vivanco, the singer seems at home posing on the secluded beach. Dilapidated houses and eroding cliffs juxtaposed against the high fashion is a beautiful and perfect mix for Rih who comes from a tropical destination herself.

The styling is extremely reflective of who she is as a person and an artist. Detailed embellished pieces appeals to the showgirl in her while the the muted tones and tribal-inspired patterns is closer to her earthy  islander side. Stacks of gold jewellery appears consistently throughout the photos and provides extra details for the simpler pieces like the lone bikini bottoms and silk print wrap turbans.

But let’s get to the point; her fucking incredible body and array of tattoos are of course, displayed in the shoot as well. We hope that this makes the fact that it’s only Tuesday a little better.

You’re welcome!


(Photos via Instagram)

Tammy is media graduate and final year law student at the University of Adelaide. She is the fashion editor at XXIV Magazine but hates it when people refer to themselves as 'fashion enthusiasts' or 'fashionistas'. People often have a hard time figuring out whether she's being sarcastic. Sometimes, even she can't tell.

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