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Every year some of the World’s sexiest supermodels don incredible lingerie creations and Angel wings, and stomp down a glittery runway in the spectacular extravaganza that is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. 2013’s edition aired last night, and as a long time VS fan I have to say I was a little underwhelmed. Before I even got to watch the show this year it was partially spoiled by the copious amounts of coverage on Tumblr and Instagram in the past few weeks. Nevertheless there were many wow moments, and I will still for the next couple of weeks frequent the gym more than usual and wear my hair down in soft waves in my menial attempts to embody my favorite supermodels. Come on, who hasn’t walked down a hallway pretending they’re a VS Angel? Just me?

As I said, we’ve all been able to see a lot of the show already, but the Show is not just the outfits. It’s the themes, the cross cuts, the close-ups, the slow-motion shots, the performers, the wings, the in-between segments… As you can tell I’ve got this down to a fine art. The show began great, opened by the 12 million dollar fantasy bra wearing Candice Swanepoel in the British Invasion segment of the show. For me the standout segment was Birds of Paradise, because when are feathers ever not the best embellishment to any outfit? If I were an angel, my second choice after fluffy white Angel wings would definitely be big, bright and colorful feathered wings.

The low point of the show was the Pink section. We all know to expect less lingerie, more loungewear, and normally the cutesy, youthful theme has worked. Unfortunately the section this year was actually quite tacky, and I’m left wondering why someone as remarkably sexy as Aussie supermodel Jessica Hart was cast in just the one segment carrying a smiley face balloon. It was the hats, the pom poms, the legwarmers, the smiley faces, the headphones… Less would have definitely been more.

The Performers were also a bit of a disappointment for me this year. In previous years we’ve seen icons such as Kanye West, The Spice Girls, Justin Timberlake (the good Justin) and Rihanna perform. Even legends Sting and Phil Collins have graced the VS runway. However, this year it seems like they tried to compensate for the lack of star power with 4 average acts- Neon Jungle, A Great Big World, Fallout Boy and Taylor Swift. If you’re a Taylor Swift fan skip ahead to the next paragraph, but I think her performance was way overdone. I didn’t really want to watch her stomping down the runway and posing pretending she was one of the models, or gesticulating the lyrics to a song written about her ex-boyfriend. She’s just not sexy. Honorable mentions in the negatives department also go to the excessive reaction shots of Adam Levine (I think we’re all aware that he is really stoked to be with someone as hot as Behati Prinsloo), and the sarcastic prescience that was Cara Delevingne.

Despite the downfalls the show still lived up to its strong reputation- showcasing incredible fashion and art brought to life by some of the World’s top models. Even if the entire thing were just Adriana Lima it would still be great- Alessandra, Candice, Doutzen and Izabel can come too. I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt the absence of a certain Australian supermodel, but there were still plenty of amazing Angels to rock the runway.

The hard work that goes into producing the VS Show was definitely evident- not only the time spent in the gym by the Angels, but the amazing work of the designers, the seamstresses, the dressers, the photographers, the stage crew, and the hair and makeup artists. In fact, this year a little more tech work went in than usual. The Angel wings in the show were created using a 3-D printer. The wings were designed to the exact measurements of the models wearing them, then printed out using a liquid plastic, and of course covered in Swarovski Crystals.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion show was once again a stunningly spectacular event, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next year.








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