Rebecca Black releases new single ‘Saturday’, kills music


‘Tis the season of giving and in her infinite wisdom Rebecca Black has decided to grace the world with an early gift. ‘Saturday‘ is Black’s latest single and comes as a disturbing reminder that people paid enough attention to her infamous debut single ‘Friday‘ for her to continue a music career. I guess what you want to immediately know is it just a bad as ‘Friday?’ In short: yes. But to be fair, there are some small elements to this track that I, for one, am thankful for. To begin, Black dumped producer Patrice Wilson, the brainchild behind ‘Friday.’ By no means does Wilson’s absence make ‘Saturday‘ any better, but it has allowed Black the creative freedom to at least try and move away from PG stylings and into a more mature area of music. Collaborating with YouTube genius Dave Days, the song opts for a more dance based structure, opposed to Friday’s teeny-bopper tune. There is at least some evidence of competent production values and practices. This doesn’t mean that you won’t find some queer sounding noises that you would swear were manufactured by someone’s mouth and not a computer. Just watch it. You know that someone will send you the link in the near future and that you will eventually watch it. So why not get it over with? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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