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The clothing of the future is here – and it’s called Urban Armor.

Designed as ‘an artwork consisting of a serious of playful electronic wearables for women which investigate the ways women experience personal space’, the collection includes three items so far; the Miss-My Face, the Personal Space Dress and the AutoFilter. They aim to provoke conversation about societal issues and the evolution of technology, while at the same time protecting you from some of these things.

These three pieces are a part of their ‘project library’ and are meant to be DIY projects that are easily achievable at home. So if you have a basic knowledge of electronics and fashion, definitely have a look into creating something for yourself.


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The Miss-My-Face aims to protect you from CCTV footage by blurring out your face via a hat and veil. It works by utilising the infra-red lights inside the veil to keep your identity private, perfect for secretive lunch-dates with the ex or robbing banks. The lights can be turned on via a switch, or programmed to sense when a CCTV camera is watching and activates automatically.

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The Personal Space Dress

fortyfivecloseded fortyfiveedit

This dress takes the personal space bubble and brings it to the future. It’s a dress that expands whenever a person is coming or too close to ensure grumpy people in hurries don’t bump into you, creepy people don’t touch you and nobody sits on the seat next to you on the bus. The Personal Space Dress uses ultrasonic sensors to tell when someone is too near and activates the continuous rotation servo motors to keep those people right away and protect your space.

Build it here

The AutoFilter

videostill videostill2

At a party surrounded by people smoking? Enduring a busy day in the city where traffic is constantly smattering out exhaust fumes? Worry about the effects this might have on your health no longer! The AutoFilter is here. A robotic scarf that filters out pollution by raising to cover your mouth – it works by using a pollution sensor to activate the motors hidden in the scarf to automatically raise whenever smoggy air is around you.

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While the collection only includes three items so far, they’re aiming to expand the gallery to include many more in the not-too-distant future.

(Images sourced from: Urban Armor)

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