OK Go Are Back (Sadly Minus Treadmills)


Just when you’d thought OK Go were actually OK Gone, the band famous for immaculate treadmill choreography is back with another perfectly executed video clip.

Although their Vevo indicates that they’ve also been responsible for a string of other quirky videos over the years (including a Muppets collab, toast art and some sweet dog tricks)- but their latest effort The Writing’s On The Wall (from upcoming album Hungry Ghosts) is garnering much praise.

We won’t spoil it too much, but with it’s impressive live optical illusions, tricky mirrors, lots of pretty colours and even a sneaky Jay-Z reference, we’ve got two words for it – nailed it.

While the song itself is a bit avs (can anything really ever beat Here It Goes Again for sheer catchiness?) the visuals are damn fun to look at, so we’ll excuse them on that front.

Hungry Ghosts will be released October 14.

P.S. let’s take a quick trip back to 2009…

Lucy Ahern isn’t great writing about herself. But third person makes everything much less pretentious, right? Lucy is a freelance writer, contributing to publications such as Attitude and Rip It Up, and is the deputy editor of fashion blog The Urban Silhouette. She loves Marieke Hardy, has a soft spot for bad puns (future warning), and will devour anything combining peanut butter and chocolate.

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