Not Even Macklemore Knows What Ryan Lewis Does

Poor Ryan Lewis.

Constantly the guy in the background, both on stage and in almost every picture, it’s now all but confirmed that pretty much no one knows what Macklemore‘s sidekick, erm, actually does. Possibly, they don’t care.


Regardless, The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon sent the actual Ryan Lewis out on the streets of New York to ask the public what they know about this enigmatic music man.

I know I probably couldn’t pick Lewis out of a line up, so it’s not surprising that most people confess they like Macklemore much better/generally have no idea what he actually adds to the duo…right to his face. Comments include:

I don’t really know what he does! I know he’s like a packaged deal though — he comes with Macklemore a lot…”


“I always see him on stage when Macklemore is performing, and it seems like he…ah…he’s doing something with computers and whatnot…” 

Even when asked to point him out in a photograph and he is holding said photograph, it takes some people a damn long time to piece this shit together.

Though he might be the quieter, less sartorially adventurous of the two (given that incident with the Jewish costume, this may not be a bad thing), Lewis doesn’t seem to care that much. And with a net worth of approx. $16 mill and no cray fans to deal with, he probably got the good, if not anonymous, end of the stick. For those of you who do actually give a damn what Ryan Lewis does, the answers lie here.

Lucy Ahern isn’t great writing about herself. But third person makes everything much less pretentious, right? Lucy is a freelance writer, contributing to publications such as Attitude and Rip It Up, and is the deputy editor of fashion blog The Urban Silhouette. She loves Marieke Hardy, has a soft spot for bad puns (future warning), and will devour anything combining peanut butter and chocolate.

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