New Video: The Weeknd – Earned It

The release of the highly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie is getting closer and closer, and this week The Weeknd has released an appropriately themed music video – which is fifty shades of racy!

The video is directed by the film’s director Sam Taylor Johnson and features a suspended, nearly nude Dakota Johnson, along with a group of other women in matching outfits (or lack thereof) in a large auditorium. They perform a sensual routine for the singer as he smoothly nails the falsetto and his signature voice croons lyrics like Cause girl you’re perfect / You’re always worth it / And you deserve it / The way you work it / Cause girl you earned it / Girl you earned it.  Very classy. Well, until he starts singing into a girl’s breasts.

The clip pays homage to the tone of the film and is full of bondage, slow-motion twerking – and in true Abel Tesfaye style, as minimal clothing as possible – on a stage adorned with lights and chandeliers. It is quite NSFW, but then again probably tame in comparison to what we can expect from the film itself (due to be released nationwide on the 12th of February).

The soundtrack will also feature a second song by The Weeknd titled ‘Where you belong‘ alongside contributions from other big names like Beyonce, Sia and Jessie Ware. And despite the train-wreck many are predicting this film to be, judging by the music we’ve heard so far, at least the soundtrack will be epic!

The song is available for download on iTunes, and the full soundtrack is set to be released on the 10th of February.


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