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Katy Perry is no stranger to lavish, over-the-top costuming and the use of props to, well, propagate her variety of personas. Which is a good thing, of course! For her latest record, Prism, however, Perry seems to be stripping it back down to the basics and giving fans something a lil’ more raw.

Dropped on a matter of hours ago, the video for the pop sweetheart’s latest single Unconditionally is Katy Perry’s first foray into creating a serious piece of musical art – what character is she playing? Why, herself of course.

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In an interview for, Perry explained that Unconditionally, due to its autobiographical nature, will trade purple wigs and fictional narratives for classic “beauty and glamour” – flicking her black mane semi-clothed in the falling snow, the long-time sex kitten stays true to her word.

Unconditionally will speak to Katy Perry’s older fanbase, as it’s about heartbreak, unrequited affections, perseverance and love. The visuals speak to these themes, with an old-school glamour effect permeating the proceedings. This is one for pop history.

Australian audiences  can view the video here.

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