Lefse Records have announced The Space Project – the collective efforts of 14 artists who imbue actual sound recordings from space into their songs.

The first single Worms comes from Youth Lagoon (moniker of Trevor Powers), an artist ever known for his ethereal soundscapes. Powers’ lilting vocals captivate as he muses ‘I could be an astronaut if earth let go of me’. The song’s hazy instrumentals are mellowed with chirping noises recorded from the Rings of Uranus, which gently but firmly shove the listener into the final frontier.

Youth Lagoon is playing dates at St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, as well as two side shows in Melbourne and Sydney.

27th January – Auckland, NZ – Laneway Festival
30th January – Sydney, AU – Oxford Arts Factory
31st January – Brisbane, AU – Laneway Festival
1st February – Melbourne, AU – Laneway Festival
2nd February – Sydney, AU – Laneway Festival
5th February – Melbourne, AU – Ding Dong Lounge
7th February – Adelaide, AU – Laneway Festival
8th February – Perth, AU – Laneway Festival

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