New music: Passion Pit – Lifted Up (1985)

When bands in the indie pop world drop off for the map a little bit, especially after a particularly hyped first album, it can be easy to assume they’ve given up hope. Abandoned their stations. Become a crafty hessian hermit who sing prayers in forest clearings. “Indie pop? In this economy?” I hear you say. Well, it was never lucrative, but that didn’t stop a marvellous array of charming musicians from providing us the soundtrack to our teenage years.

Passion Pit were best known for their boppy, cerebral and synthy indie pop. Between 2008-2012 it felt like they were pretty much impossible to avoid. They certainly haven’t gone down the road of Bon Iver-ism, but that doesn’t mean they’ve emotionally matured a bit. Frontman Michael Angelakos has added layers to the single that didn’t exist before in PP’s previous work, and instead of making songs for parties, he’s now made a song for after-parties. The reflective tone that was present on Gossamer however, has returned here, and the music is all the better for it. The sprawling, affecting sound of Lifted Up (1985) brings to mind bands like M83 and Sombear, reigning supreme over the hot chip-esque vibe he once channelled.

Will this single catapult them back into the limelight? Will the blogs be as reverential of them as they were before? We will see…in the future.

The single is from their upcoming album Kindred.

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