NEW MUSIC: Gypsy and The Cat – Climb Into The Music

Gypsy and The Cat

There is nothing more exciting than an unexpected musical collaboration.

For me, collaborations make for the perfect song. It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

Whether it is the merging of two artists who you would never envision teaming up together, but end up working perfectly side by side, or whether it is two musicians who have commonalities between their music and style, it is hard to deny that collaborations are a wonderful thing.

Gypsy and the Cat, made up of two Melbourne DJs Xavier Bacash and Lionel Towers seem to be pretty good at this collaboration thing.

After a two-year silence, they have bounced back powerfully and with a whole new dimension to their enigma and their sound.

The duo first graced our ears again in April with the release of an unexpected collaboration with long time Australian music icon Paul Kelly.

The title of the song Climb Into The Music, says it all. With an almost hypnotic undertone, and a mix of synthetic beats wrapped between classic Kelly harmonicas, this song is a perfect example of a modern day indie tune working brilliantly in conjunction with a timeless country Australian nostalgia.

This track proves that nothing is out of the question when it comes to musical partnerships, and encourages you to not question it and instead “climb into the music”.

But this wonderful taste of a long awaited Gypsy and the Cat, is not the only offering they have given us. The boys have been pelting out the new tunes, having also not long released new tracks Lost Control and Can’t Stop Me Now.

Their most recent song is a union between themselves and the up and coming and increasingly adored disco, electro pop makers Client Liaison.

Combining the best of both worlds, the new song Evolution brings together the funky 80s disco party vibes of Client Liaison with the blissful, indie summer feel good atmosphere of Gypsy and the cat.

It is safe to say that the music of both of these duos, play on the idea of a blissful nostalgia. Whether your imagination is taken to a time of tight flared pants, free flowing hair and the arrival of new synthetic beats in music, or to a time of care-free dancing at a 2012 summer festival, the effect is the same.

The joining of these two nostalgias results in one oozing feeling of giddy goodness, as you are transported to some sort of happy, pure and euphoric place.

It may be because of those unforgettable sounds of Harvey Miller’s vocals or because of the funky synthetic bass and keys that underlie this track, that make this song so engaging. Perhaps it is because of the summery, feel good and indie guitar riffs or the slight rhythmic sound of a didgeridoo surfacing through. Maybe it is a combination of all of these things. I am unsure. All I know is that I am completely enthralled by this song.

It has been reported that the Melbourne boys are working on a new album to drop later this year.

We can only hope that future music from Gypsy and the Cat will continue to intertwine their musical wonders with other great Australian artists too.

Not only are collaborations like these, extremely appetizing to the ears but they also demonstrate the true beauty and strength of Australian music, as artists stand side by side and support one another.

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