NEW MUSIC: Alabama Shakes – Don’t Wanna Fight

Since their inception Alabama Shakes have been a musical group dedicated to hearty and earnest alt country, and they continue on this path with their new single Don’t Wanna Fight. This time though, there are a few new flourishes to leave fans interested.

The crispness of front woman Brittany White’s voice is as present as ever with the song exhibiting a ruggedy, bluesy guitar rock feel to it which we’ve become accustomed to from the Shakes. Where the song differs from their debut, though, is it’s intent and purpose. It manages to be sexy and just a little bit sleazy but is easily reigned in by the impressive vocals of White. There’s a tone to her vocals that rivals Beyonce at her best – but it could just as easily be Tunde Adebimpe singing.

It would be a shame if this song goes overlooked. It has all the elements of a perfect single – emotion, drive, substance and structure. It’s all ready there for you, if you go out and listen. The refrain of “I don’t wanna fight no more” brings to mind lovers squaring off at each other across the room, at the end of their tether, but that balance is what makes Alabama Shakes music so life affirming. It is nothing if not satisfying.

A band like Alabama Shakes stands on a dubious boundary between indie rock and full bellied southern country. Already, they’ve recieved comparisons to bands like the Black Keys. Perhaps the genre equivalent of what Angus and Julia Stone is to Australia, this continues to mark their individuality.

The single is from their as of yet untitled new album.

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