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Two-Thousand and Fifteen is the Year for Gender Empowerment and Equality and nothing is set to confirm this more than the all-female cast chosen for the Ghostbusters reboot. Currently in pre-production stages, filming is set to commence late this month and is expected to be ready for international release sometime next year. Casting has concluded with Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and current Saturday Night Live funny ladies, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon set to play leads. These brooding and heroic ‘ghostbusters’ are set to walk the same treacherous journey that their predecessors walked in the original and sequel films. With the exuberant talent these women possess, the hype has caused a stir of excitement for Twenty-to-Thirty-Somethings.

However, some men have not entirely seen it this way, with many taking to social media and online film forums to voice their concerns. Predominantly male critics, claim that audiences would receive the new film more positively, if the cast were a mixed gender team. Claims have also been made that an all female cast will only be appealing for “soccer mums and feminist bimbos”.

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If you’re alarmed and worried about the possible tarnishing of the reputation of the Ghostbusters dynasty, you may be justified as with any reboot. However judgement shouldn’t be about the gender casting. However with Dan Aykroyd, on writing and producing credits, Ivan Reitman returning to the production team and Bill Murray’s seal of approval, we know it’s in pretty safe hands.

But amongst the negative backlash, there are still a convincing number of Ghostbusters fans (of both gender) who are just excited that the khaki suits will be returning to the big screen.

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