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It’s Halloween this Saturday, which means that it’s time to dust off the scary movies, select a costume and decide whether or not you’re going to partake in any trick or treat that year or simply hide when someone knocks at your door.

A note for any kids knocking at my door?  A school uniform and a drawn-on scar with Mum’s eyeliner does not a Harry Potter make.  If you want my candy, you’ve got to put some effort in!

I digress.  Halloween is a time for scary movies, witches and psycho killers.  All fictional, of course.  So whether you’re in the fun, the freaky or the downright fucking scary – here are some of our best picks for any Halloween movie marathon:

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The Fun:

These films aren’t going to send you to bed with nightmares.  They’re you’re fun and fluffy Halloween movies.

The Addams Family:
The family you always wanted.  Fun fact?  The kid who plays Puglsey is the half-brother of Ariel Winter, Alex from Modern Family.

Christina Ricci owned 90’s Halloween movies, though Casper is a little less violent and a lot more fun.  Shout out to Stretch, my spirit animal.

Hocus Pocus:
Because Better Midler is the shit.  ‘Nuff said.




The Freaky:

Not necessarily gory or psychotically scary (see below), these movies are partly fun, partly weird, all awesome:

Rocky Horror Picture Show:
Whether it’s simply to hear Time Warp (though Sweet Transvestite is better, IMHO), to compare your Frank ‘N’ Furter costume or simply because it’s a classic, Rocky Horror is a staple of any Halloween viewing.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, BeetlejuiceMichael Keeton, Winona Ryder, Geena Davis and a totally babin’ Alec Baldwin make this Tim Burton film a classic.


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The Frightening:

Truly chilling, terrifying – the masters of All Hallows Eve:

The Exorcist:
Best watched with Red Bull – because there aint no way that you’re sleeping afterward.  Or for a month after.

A Nightmare on Elm Street:
One, two, Freddie’s coming for you!  Three, four, lock your door… Robert Englund’s Freddie Krueger is pretty much the poster child for Halloween (along with Jason Voorhees – see below), with good reason.

Look out for Johnny Depp too – The Nightmare on Elm Street was his first film role!

Friday the 13th:
Really, has anyone worked a ski mask like Jason Voorhees?  Even if you don’t know his name or which franchise he’s from, the plain white ski mask is pretty much the denim jeans of Halloween costumes.

Not only for it’s title, but also because Michael Meyers is one of the big three (Freddie, Jason and Michael).




These are just a few of the classics, a starting point for any Halloween night.  What’s on your to-watch list?

Happy Halloween!


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