Meet your new Dota 2 International Champions


After six days of main event play, the winner of T15, the 2015 International Dota 2 Championship, is Evil Geniuses. The team triumphed over CDEC in a close 3-1 victory in a best-of-five series. Not only was this the first time Evil Geniuses has appeared at an international final, but it was the first appearance in an international final by a North American team.

Indeed, while most predictions had Evil Geniuses failing in previous brackets, the team was able to literally defy the odds and sweep up first place along with a cool $6.6 million in prize money.

CDEC themselves were the stars of another underdog story. Originally a junior team for the Chinese eSports organisation, LGD, CDEC branched off last year. They were since largely ignored over the unofficial season and even failed to secure placement in T15 during the Chinese qualifiers, losing to EHOME 3-1.

However, after sneaking into the tournament through their wildcard qualifiers, CDEC carved a path to the finals, coming in at second place and picking up a little more than $2.8 million for their trouble.

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