‘Layer Cake’ Sequel ‘Viva La Madness’ starring Jason Statham


Jason Statham really has his work cut out for him this time.

Statham will play the lead in Layer Cake sequel Viva La Madness, replacing Daniel Craig who played the role in the original (which granted him fit to play James Bond and literally transformed Craig’s film career from that time forward). The small crime thriller which secured great reviews and gained a great deal of traction through word of mouth in its post- release stage, is now returning with its nameless anti-hero wearing a different face.

Novelist J.J. Connolly a notable voice in the gangster fiction realm, wrote the book and the script for Layer Cake which highly-praised director Matthew Vaughn, and starring leads Daniel Craig and Sienna Miller.

Returning with the sequel Connolly’s story combines the imitation of London’s  low-life with Connolly’s trademark cut-throat dialogue, exploding violence, dark humor and exploration of sadness in the lives of violent men to reveal the London underworld, in a new light.

The sequel is expected to move into the international crime sphere with the anti-hero set to find himself caught between the Caribbean high life, some Atlantic drug deals and several Venezuelan drug cartels alongside the usual money laundering and electronic fraud activities.

It seems Statham will fit right into the sequel which sits in the spirit of movies based on Donald E. Westlake‘s Parker or Jack Ryan or Bond, where any actor is easily accepted by the audience as the leads are customised to change at any time given the nature of their character’s dangerous lives.

Source: The Playlist and Deadline Hollywood

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