Kim Kardashian Had a Kid


What type of pop culture news site would we be if we failed to mention the birth of (arguably) the most high-profile baby this year? So if you’ve missed it, Kim Kardashian has given birth to a baby girl.

The baby is five weeks early, but couldn’t have come at a better time. Firstly it was Father’s Day – never mind, only in America, so you have not missed your annual chance to gift your Father with some socks or macaroni art. Secondly, baby daddy, Kanye West leaked his newest album on the same day.

It could not have been better planned if it had been scripted…

We did not hear from the two Twitter-obsessed celebrities who were unnaturally quiet on social media and let TMZ break the news. Sister, Khloe also tweeted her happiness for her sister and West.

The paparazzi fight now begins to buy that first picture. Or they could just tweet it out, or show it on their reality show. But for a sneak peek, reports say the baby has dark hair and looks quite like her mother.

As for the name, there are two ways this could go. Following in the tradition of the Kardashians, Kim and Kanye could be bringing the K’s down the line for Karoline or Khristina or other C-starting names that replace the C with the K instead.

But I personally am hoping for Kanye West’s own suggestion to name the child, North for some clever worldplay with the full name North West .

Kongratulations Kim and Kanye!

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