In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last twelve hours, the world has been graced with a new image of Kim Kardashian and her infamous (and most valuable) appendage. New York publication, Paper Magazine has released the covers for the online-only version of their winter 2014 issue which features Mrs West as their cover girl, aptly titled “BREAK THE INTERNET“.

Shot by legendary French photographer Jean-Paul Goude, the SFW cover features the controversial star dressed to the nines in a sequinned gown, popping a bottle of champagne into a glass sitting on her – what I’m assuming is exaggerated – ass. This is an almost direct recreation of the photographer’s iconic ‘Champagne Incident’ shot. But what we’re all here for and what the world has been interested in is the NSFW cover in which Kimmy shows off her world-renowned butt. Let’s not forget that this is only the cover – Paper Mag have also promised that the photos inside are well, to directly quote them “…holy fucking shit”.

Even for the people of the world who haven’t seen that “home movie”, this is hardly the first time she’s bared (almost) all. Earlier this year, British GQ named her Woman of the Year and put her on the cover of their October issue which featured a very racy photoshoot.

So whether or not you’ve been Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you’ve gotta admit that this is one hell of a cover. According the Paper Magazine’s website, their one mission for the winter issue was to Break The Internet… and break the internet it has. To the point where I’ve been unable to scroll through any form of social media without noticing that this person has liked it or someone else is voicing their opinion about it. But say and type what you want, internet warriors – I say power to her. Haters gon’ hate ya’llll!



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Tammy is media graduate and final year law student at the University of Adelaide. She is the fashion editor at XXIV Magazine but hates it when people refer to themselves as 'fashion enthusiasts' or 'fashionistas'. People often have a hard time figuring out whether she's being sarcastic. Sometimes, even she can't tell.

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