Kendall Jenner For Interview Magazine

If you have indeed kept up with the Kardashians over the last 8 seasons, you’ll probably find it shocking when one of youngest girls starts going topless – or you know, maybe that’s what you expected of them. In this case though, Kendall Jenner is doing for art and fashion and it is extremely tasteful. It also helps that she’s a massive babe as well.

In case you’ve been  living under a rock for the last 6 months, the 18-year-old Jenner/Kardashian hybrid has been the toast of the modelling world and in extremely high demand. She’s walked the runway for the likes of Givenchy, Chanel and Marc Jacobs as well as landing an editorial for Vogue Paris.

In these particularly stunning shots by Mikael Jansson, she appears in some gorgeous black sartorial pieces as well as a long sleeved, body hugging teal dress. But let’s not kid ourselves, we’re pretty much drawn to the fact that she also appears in various states of undress. Toned stomach, never ending legs and cheekbones to die for – she really is a supermodel in the making.

Hate or love her, you gotta admit – the girl is on fire.

Tammy is media graduate and final year law student at the University of Adelaide. She is the fashion editor at XXIV Magazine but hates it when people refer to themselves as 'fashion enthusiasts' or 'fashionistas'. People often have a hard time figuring out whether she's being sarcastic. Sometimes, even she can't tell.

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