Kardashians + Vogue: A Brief History


If there’s an Australian equivalent of US Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour, it would have to be Edwina McCann (In status mainly. Edwina, I’m not for a minute inferring that you are a devil wearing Prada). And Ms McCann has made the brilliant decision to put none other than Kim Kardashian on Vogue Australia’s February issue. With the Kimye Kover Kontroversy (sorry, I had to) fresh in our minds, let’s take a look at the (brief) history of the internet-stopping collaboration that is Vogue and the Kardashian-Jenner-West dynasty.

Back in 2012, when Kim was reaching true supernova heights of celebrity, everyone was a tiny bit surprised to not see her rocking up to the Met Gala. In fact, she was even live tweeting her opinions of the other stars fashion. You’ll probably remember reading that Anna Wintour allegedly banned Kim from the event she organizes every year. This plot thickened by the fact that Kanye was there, and the two had just started officially dating around that time. Furthermore, the $25,000 ticket price for the event obviously wouldn’t have been a problem for her, so we all continued to wonder about her absence. Wintour has since denied this rumour about ‘hating’ Kim, so I guess we all have to accept that it just wasn’t on the kards for her that year (that was the last one, I promise).

A year later, Kim attended the prestigious event with her baby-daddy, and was one of the most talked about stars of the evening. The reason? Look, I hand-on-my-heart don’t think her dress was that bad, but everyone else who loves any excuse to hate Kim went to town on her wardrobe choice. Riccardo Tisci dressed her, so it really can’t be that bad by fashion’s standards. I’ll admit, the matching shoes and the gloves did really send that print over the edge, but it’s the Met Gala! To the haters I say, where’s your invitation to the Met Gala? Yeah, didn’t think so.


Later that year, North West was born and Kim dyed her hair blonde, and really we all haven’t looked back since then. Anna and Kim became BFFs – documented in Kim’s fangirl insta of her, North and Anna brunching in New York. Everyone wondered why they were buddying up all of a sudden (apart from the fact that she was the coolest person in the World), and then the supposedly impossible became possible.


Kim and Kanye fronted US Vogue in one of the most amazing bridal pieces I have seen in my short life. I disregarded all unjustified controversy over the cover considering how deeply gorgeous the spread was. Wintour responded to the backlash over her choice of cover models, saying “[she sees] the role of Vogue to reflect what’s going on in the culture”. And that’s what she damn well did. As we all saw in KUWTK, Kim was pretty floored she got the cover, and too right. Everyone can hate on someone supposedly being ‘famous for being famous’, but Kim has worked her way from side-kick wardrobe organiser to one of the most influential figures in culture and fashion in less than a decade. While she may not have cured cancer, Vogue is one of the highest esteems in fashion.


After all of the Kimye X Vogue drama, another member of the Kardashian family entered the world of Vogue. While Kendall Jenner became one of the most talked about new models, she caught the eye of Anna Wintour. In fact she had the honour of sitting front row next to Wintour at a couple of Fashion Week shows last year.

Topshop Unique: Front Row - London Fashion Week AW14

Then, she casually attended the Met Gala. Over here in Aus, Kendall was the third Miss Vogue in one of her first big shoots shot by her mate Russell James. Let’s all just remember how gorgeous it was.


And that brings us to today, when Vogue Australia February 2015 hits stands with the elusive Kim Kardashian fronting it looking all beachy and natural and amazing. “Kim Kardashian is one of the most searched people on Google, with as many Instagram followers as there are Australians” McCann reminded us all, “She is polarizing”. That she is. Shot by the legendary Gilles Bensimmon, the shoot (from what I’ve seen) is kiiind of a masterpiece. I’ll let you all be the judges…



 (Pictures via Vogue.com, News.com, Huffingtonpost.com)  

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