Kanye West Kicks Out Heckler from Show


Ever the king of controversy, Kanye West, sporting a full-face balaclava, demanded that a heckler be removed from a show last night in  San Antonio, Texas.

The new father wasn’t interrupted during a performance from his latest album, rap history game-changer Yeezus, but rather during a monologue during which he waxed lyrical about his current mindset. West has become notorious for these mid-concert soliloquies, which are unscripted and run more like a stream-of-consciousness journal entry than carefully crafted public speeches; however even hardened Yeezy fans weren’t prepared for the rapper’s outburst last night.

The heckler, female, was heard by several audience members calling for West to remove the woollen mask from his face throughout the entire performance.


Displaying rare patience, West chose to address her yelling only during his Runaway outro speech, which has become a common fixture of his live set.

“Do I look like a motherfucking comedian?”

Kanye shouted, signalling for her removal by the abundance of security guards surrounding the stage. Over the top of the jeering crowd, he continued, ”Don’t fucking heckle me!”

With full crowd support behind him now, the self-proclaimed god reminded both the heckler and the crowd,

“I’m Kanye motherfucking West, bitch.”

Well, he has a point. Thus with a swift hand gesture, the woman was immediately removed by security.

This latest drama, of course, comes directly after an article posted by the satirical news site, The Daily Currant, claiming that West declared himself “the new Nelson Mandela”, with false quotes stating Ye’s opinion that his music was more liberating and important for black history than the breakdown of apartheid.

In true form, the Internet, from fans to haters and everyone in between, failed to detect the dripping sarcasm inherent throughout the publication, once again declared war on the 36-year-old, with comments going so far as to fantasise about stabbing West in the face.

Understandable, then, since Yeezy had nothing to do with the article nor the fabricated quotes, that he may be feeling slightly on edge. Tweets this morning have addressed his true stance on the death of Nelson Mandela and his influence on the world, history and black culture.

Discussing his mother’s teachings and ending with a thankyou to Mandela 

“..for your life’s work and may it serve as a guiding light to illuminate our future.”

Kanye proves yet again that there are certain issues he’s able to handle with the style and grace appropriate for a man of his talents.

Until the next drama, then.

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